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Buying A Cat Water Fountain = Paying A Stupid Tax?

In this article, we are going to discuss why cats need a healthy amount of water and how a water fountain  helps encourage cats to drink more water, meanwhile simplifies pet parenthood.
Cat water fountain provides an attractive source of clean fresh water. Wondering will they really attract your cat to drink more of it?
No one can stay healthy without drinking sufficient water, not even cats. Good hydration is critical to your cat's health. Just like humans, a cat's body weight comprises 60% to 70% water. Cats need a healthy amount of water to survive and maintain their health and prevent dehydration. They can become prone to dehydration in hot, humid environments, with kittens and senior cats being the most susceptible.
Dehydration is when your cat uses or loses more fluids than they take in, which creates an imbalance of water and electrolytes in the body. When this occurs, their bodies are unable to function properly and are prone to suffer from health problems like bladder infections, kidney stones, chronic constipation, etc.
Well, cats don't have the instinct to drink a lot of water. Also, dry cat food also leaves them with less hydration. You need to keep your cat hydrated by providing plenty of clean water, multiple times throughout the day.


Table of Contents

    1. Why should you consider getting a cat water fountain ?
    2. What benefits can cat water fountain provides for cats?
    3. What benefits cat water fountain brings to pet parents?
    4. Special design of Uahpet battery-operated wireless water fountain.
    5. How to train your cat to use water fountains.
    6. How often should you replace the water.


    Why should you consider getting a cat water fountain

    Getting a water fountain will naturally attract your cat to drinking water. Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, pet water fountains are also a reservoir of fresh water, which cats always want.
    So are pet water fountains worth it? Definitely!
    There are many benefits for cats and pet parents that come along with using cat water fountains. If you’re looking for a solution to entice your cat to drink more, particularly if they have a medical condition that makes hydration very critical, cat water fountains are a good place to start.


    What benefits can cat water fountain provide for cats?

    Let's have a look at some amazing benefits that it brings to cats:

    1. Fresh running water

    Flowing freshwater is what felines enjoy most. So, the still water in the cat water bowl will be ignored. The solution is to simply invest in a smart water fountain that will keep the water moving, filtered, and fresh. It is a good way to get your cat interested in water. It helps to encourage your cat to drink more and drink safely.

    2. Proper hydration

    Hydration is an important aspect of your cat's overall health and well-being. Water fountains ensure that your cat has access to fresh water at all times. It can keep the water just the way your cat likes it. Your feline companion can drink water and fulfill their thirst even if you're not at home. Your cat will happily drink more water than from a standing water bowl. They'll also have improved digestion and nutrient absorption. Proper hydration also lowers the risk of urinary infections and kidney diseases in cats.

    3. Filters will filtrate floating hair and impurities

    A still bowl of water is an invitation for bacteria and other germs to breed in. Moreover, sitting water can also start to taste unpleasant to your kitty. Cats appreciate something that filters out the floating hair in a shared water system in multi-pet households. Cat water fountains have filters that filtrate floating hair and remove impurities and contaminants from the water. This will keep your cat safe from harmful bacteria and diseases.

    4. Whisker-relief wide water tray

    Pet water fountains have a wide enough water tray to provide whisker relief and encourage your cat to drink more water. These water trays have been particularly designed to be super shallow. Your cat won't be forced to constantly pull back their whiskers to keep them safe from getting in the water. So, your cat’s whiskers won’t touch the bowl and your cat won't experience whisker fatigue.

    5. A fun way to drink water

    A cat water fountain can be more tempting for cats to drink out of than their usual water bowls full of stagnant water. Cats are generally fascinated by running water as it stimulates their strong prey drive. A good thing about drinking water from fountains is that it will keep your cat engaged. It can also be a fun and effective way to encourage your kitty to take on enough water. This is most likely due to the movement of the water, the noise it makes, and the reflection that moving water makes. They may also feel more at ease when drinking from the water fountain as they’re in control and safely on dry land.

    Benefits cat water fountain brings to pet parents

    Getting a kitty to drink enough water is easy for some feline owners, but it can be a hassle for others. Let's have a look at some amazing benefits that cat water fountain brings to cat owners:

    1. Simplify pet parenthood, no worry when being away

    Cat water fountains have a larger water reservoir than regular cat water dishes. That means there’s no need to go back and forth refilling your cat’s water dish. It gives feline owners peace of mind if they are away from the home for extended periods of time as their kitty will not run out of water.

    2. Save time, money, and energy

    A cat water fountain can be worth the investment, particularly if the product will last longer, saving you money and effort in the long run. With a water fountain, you may actually end up saving time from filling their water dishes.

    3. Have a healthy cat accompanied

    It's fascinating to know that every cell, tissue, and all of the major organ systems in your cat's body needs water to function properly. Water is essential for your dog’s digestive system, blood circulation, waste filtering, and their body temperature. With a pet water fountain, your feline companion will stay healthy and better hydrated throughout the day.


    Special Design of Uahpet battery-operated wireless water fountain


    • WirelessNo plugged in requirement for you and no dangerous wires for your pet. The wireless feature gives you unlimited flexibility in where to position the fountain. You can place it both indoors and outdoors.


    • Barely noticeable pumpThe cat smart water fountain has a battery-operated external water pump that is barely noticeable. There are no submerged wires in water so that your cat can drink more safely. Hence, it is a safe and long-lasting device.


    • Easy to install, use, and maintain :You won’t have to worry about the water fountain being a high-maintenance device. You don’t have to clean your cat’s water fountain as often as regular water dishes. The reservoir in the bottom of the cat water fountains is designed so that bacteria can’t build up. So, you won’t have to clean and do a thorough rinse every day. It won't obligate you to replace the cat’s water dish every day. It is particularly recommended for cat owners who are often busy or on the go.


    How to train your cat to use water fountain stey by step?

    A well-hydrated cat is a happy, healthy cat with a lesser risk of diseases. Let's learn how to teach your cat to use it.


    1. Keep it turned off until they're comfortable

    If your cat is cautious and wary of the noise the fountain makes, keep it turned off until they're used to drinking water from it. This helps them adjust to the new water fountain slowly. It also helps with potential dehydration from lack of water.

    2. Allow your cat to investigate

    Your cat might be too suspicious to come up to the water fountain or doesn’t know there is water in the bowl. While they are looking, place your hand or finger in the bowl and bring it up to their lips. This will let them know what the new appliance is and there's water in the bowl. 

    3. Keep the water fountain away from the food bowl

    Place your it in a different location than the food bowl, especially if your cat is a messy drinker. If your cat drinks from the fountain and it splashes onto their food, it could cause the food to turn to become damp. They may be less interested in drinking from it for fear that it will wet their food.

    4. Keep the water fountain away from the litter box

    Cats don't naturally locate their food near their litter box. So, place your water fountain in a different room than the litter box. Ideally, your fountain should be in a place that is easy for your kitty to access.

    5. Clean, fresh water available in a different bowl

    If turning on the fountain doesn't go so well, stay consistent and have patience. Continue to provide your cat with an alternate source of clean, fresh water to prevent dehydration. Your feline companion will check the fountain out when she feels comfortable enough to do so. Don't force them to drink from the water fountain by removing other water sources. It'll create negative associations with the water fountain.

    6. Don't punish your cat for not drinking from the fountain

    If your cat doesn't drink from the fountain, don't punish or yell at your cat. These behaviors will only cause your cat to be more fearful and won't encourage her to drink from the water fountain.

    7. Reward your cat for using the fountain

    When you see your cat drink from the water fountain, even when it is turned off, give them a small kitty treat. This will provide positive reinforcement and let them know they're doing something good. It'll create a positive association in your cat's mind with the act of drinking from their new water source.

    8. Turn the fountain on and continue rewarding them

    Once they've responded to the positive reinforcement and started drinking from the turned-off pet fountain, turn the fountain on and see if they drink from it. Remember to stay calm and patient. Don't hover over them in anticipation because it can make them nervous.

    9. Taper back on rewards

    Once your cat develops a positive association with the fountain, you can gradually reduce the frequency of your rewards. Over time, just offer your cat verbal praise after she drinks from the fountain instead of a cat treat. However, you can still offer a healthy treat every now and then.

    10. Slowly remove secondary water source

    When your cat starts drinking from the water fountain, monitor how much water they're drinking. This will help you determine when you can remove the secondary source of water. Remember, if you feed your cat dry kibble, then your cat may drink closer to 10 ounces per day. If you feed them wet food, they may drink closer to 5 ounces due to canned food's high moisture content.


    How often do you replace the water?

    Even in a cat water fountain where the water is constantly circulating, it's important to replace the water often. It depends on numerous factors including the type of water fountain, number of cats, and the particular model you purchased. The product’s manual should give you precise and detailed instructions.
    If you use a water fountain to keep your cat hydrated, make sure to clean it at least once a week. To maximize the cleanliness of your fountain, regularly replace the fountain filters. Make sure you're following the instructions specific to the fountain you buy.



    A water fountain for cats provides clean fresh water that is less prone to impurities and bacteria. They're designed with an elevated reservoir for your cat to enjoy. Your cat will more likely be interested in the water and naturally drawn to it. A battery-operated wireless cat water fountain prevents dehydration and keeps your cats healthy  and happier.
    If you’ve got a cat who needs extra encouragement to drink or a multi-cat household to provide for, a cat water fountain can be a perfect solution.




    Jackie Page

    Jackie Page

    Can I add Electrolyte Water to the fountain – or – will the fountain filter out the electrolytes, making them useless?

    Can I add Electrolyte Water to the fountain – or – will the fountain filter out the electrolytes, making them useless?

    Betty Wight

    Betty Wight

    I just received your cat wireless water fountain. I have a question? How do you
    charge up the battery? It came with a cord but I don’t see anyway to plug it in???

    I just received your cat wireless water fountain. I have a question? How do you
    charge up the battery? It came with a cord but I don’t see anyway to plug it in???

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