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68oz (2L)

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Pet Water Fountain

A: Yes, automatic pet water fountains are designed to be safe for pets to use. They provide a continuous supply of fresh, filtered water, which can encourage pets to drink more and stay hydrated.


Because the water pump from uahpet is located external to the water bucket, the risk of leakage is greatly reduced.

The fountain is certified to be IP6X waterproof, which means it can easily withstand heavy rain or other heavy blasts of water. You can safely put it anywhere.

The fountain is free of lead and BPA and it is compliant with all FDA and RoHS requirements.

The Uahpet's pet water fountain is made of inert, pigment-free, baby-grade food materials that will not stain or discolor.

It is built to be wear-resistant, easy to clean, and to withstand reasonable drops. Its antibacterial properties make it non-toxic, odor-free and can help prevent black chin and other infections, contributing to your cat's overall health.

Battery life varies by the number of cats, use frequency, and many other factors; actual results will vary.

uahpet's battery-operated pet water fountain's battery life lasts up to 120-150 days on a single charge( counts based on 20-30times of trigger each day)

If the water level in the bucket runs low, the sound of water trickling may become louder, but in normal circumstances, the cat water fountain operates in near silence, and is almost undetectable, even in the middle of the night, so it is perfect for light-sleeping owners (and pets!)

We recommend you to charge the battery every 2-3 months to ensure proper operation. uahpet's battery-operated pet water fountain's battery life lasts up to 120-150 days on a single charge( counts based on 20-30times of trigger each day)

Change the Water and Filter

A: For optimal usage, we recommend replacing the water every 4-7 days in the pet water fountain, though the fountain is designed to be safely used for up to 10 days at a time.

A: We recommend replacing the filter and filter sponge every 3-4 weeks depending on use. But this can vary depending on factors such as the number of pets using the fountain or the quality of your water source. For more details, you can read about changing the cat water fountain filter.

We recommend soaking the filter in water for 15 minutes or rinsing it under running water before use.

Make sure the filter case is facing upward when inserted.

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Clean the Pet Water Fountain

The steps are simple:

Step 1: Turn the power off.

Step 2: Pull off the water pump, and remove the drinking water tray and filter compartment from the bucket.

Step 3: Scrub everything except the filter itself with soapy water and then rinse well with clean water. Gently remove any solid debris (hair, dust) from the surface of the filter.

Step 4: Reassemble.

We recommend you clean your water fountain once every 4~7 days, perhaps at the same time as you change the water.

Here is the video of the installation in case you need step-by-step video instructions. → Cat Water Fountain Installation

Trouble shooting

A: If your pet water fountain stops working, check the power supply first to ensure it is properly connected and there is no issue with the power source. You can also check for a clogged filter or pump, which are common issues. For more troubleshooting tips, refer to troubleshooting a wireless cat water fountain.

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Cat Hydration

  1. Preference for Running Water: Cats instinctively prefer running water as it is typically fresher and safer in the wild. They may avoid stagnant water in a bowl, perceiving it as potentially contaminated.
  2. Location of the Water Bowl: Cats are sensitive to the placement of their water source. If the bowl is too close to their food or litter box, they may be put off by smells or contamination.
  3. Diet: Cats on wet food diets may consume less water since their food contains a significant amount of moisture.

Cats need a water fountain for several reasons, which are both health-related and related to their natural instincts and preferences. Here's a detailed look at why a water fountain can be beneficial for your cat:

  1. Encourages Hydration: Cats naturally have a low thirst drive, which can lead them to not drink enough water, especially if they are fed a dry food diet. A water fountain can encourage them to drink more water by attracting their attention with moving water, which is more appealing than stagnant water in a bowl.
  2. Fresh, Clean Water: Water fountains are designed to circulate and filter the water, keeping it fresher and cleaner than water that sits in a bowl. This can help reduce the risk of urinary tract infections and kidney problems, which cats are prone to.
  3. Mimics Natural Sources: In the wild, cats prefer to drink from running water sources, as these are more likely to be clean and free from contaminants. A water fountain mimics this natural preference, making it more likely that they'll drink regularly.
  4. Reduces Whisker Stress: Some cats find it uncomfortable to drink from a bowl because their whiskers touch the sides, causing what is known as whisker stress or whisker fatigue. A water fountain allows them to drink without touching the sides, making it more comfortable and encouraging them to drink more.
  5. Oxygenated Water: The movement of the water in the fountain adds oxygen to the water, making it taste better. This can make the water more appealing to your cat and encourage them to drink more.
  6. Less Likely to Be Contaminated: Water sitting in a bowl can be easily contaminated with dust, debris, or even the cat's own fur. A water fountain's constant circulation helps to keep the water clean.
  7. Attracts Attention: Cats are curious creatures, and the sound and movement of water in a fountain can pique their interest, encouraging them to explore and drink.
  8. Convenience: For cat owners, a water fountain can also offer convenience. Many models have large water capacities, reducing the need for daily refilling and ensuring that cats have access to fresh water even when their owners are away for longer periods.

The amount of water a cat should drink each day can vary based on its size, diet, and activity level, but a general guideline is that a cat needs approximately 3.5 to 4.5 ounces of water per 5 pounds of body weight per day. This means a 10-pound cat should consume between 7 to 9 ounces of water daily.

Cats on wet food diets may require less additional water since wet food contains a significant amount of moisture (up to 80%), whereas cats on dry food diets will need more water because dry food only contains about 10% moisture

  1. Low Water Intake
  2. Preference for Running Water: Some cats prefer to drink running water, indicating by drinking from taps or showers. An automatic fountain can satisfy this natural preference.
  3. Health Concerns: For cats with a history of urinary tract infections, kidney issues, or other health problems that require increased water intake, a fountain can ensure they consistently consume enough water.
  4. Multiple Pets: If you have more than one pet, a fountain can provide a constant, fresh supply of water for all, reducing competition and ensuring cleanliness.
  5. Busy Lifestyle: For pet owners with busy schedules, an automatic fountain ensures that cats have access to fresh water at all times, even when you're not home to change the water frequently.
  6. To Improve Water Quality: If you're concerned about the quality of your tap water.
  7. Dietary Needs: Cats on a dry food diet may need encouragement to drink more water to compensate for the lack of moisture in their food, making a water fountain a beneficial addition.
  8. Older or Arthritic Cats: Cats with mobility issues might find it easier to drink from a fountain that allows them to drink without bending too low.
  9. To Reduce Whisker Stress: If your cat seems reluctant to drink from a bowl due to whisker stress, a fountain can provide a more comfortable drinking experience.



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