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Smart Care For Pets

uahpet helps you live in harmony with your pets more easily. We bring you innovative products designed with your furry companions in mind. We believe in the power of science and our goal is to create a lifestyle that's natural, cozy, and promotes their overall well-being.

Our Philosophy

Hi, we’re uahpet!

Backed by science, powered by technology.

Launched in 2019, uahpet respects the natural habits of animals based on animal genetic data, behavior science and years of deep research in human-pet interactions. All uahpet products are thoughtfully designed and rigorously tested to meet the OIE International Standards of the World Organization for Animal Health.


One Purchase, One Meal

Through the partnership with animal rescues, we'll provide a warm meal for a shelter pet by donating $1 for every purchase. You'll make your own pet purr or wag with happiness while spreading love to pets waiting for their forever homes.

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