Cat Water Fountain & Wet food Help My Cat Take In More Water

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Uahpet water fountain with wet food
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As a responsible cat owner, ensuring your feline companion stays hydrated is essential for their overall health and well-being. Adequate hydration is crucial for various bodily functions, including circulation, digestion, and joint health.

However, some cats may not drink enough water from their water bowls, which can lead to potential health issues like dehydration. This raises the question: can I add wet food to my cat's diet to help them take in more water?

The answer is yes! Wet cat food can play a vital role in promoting proper hydration for your furry friend. 

Unlike dry cat food, which has a low moisture content, wet cat food contains a higher water content, making it an excellent source of hydration for cats. 

Let's explore why wet cat food can be beneficial and how you can use a cat water fountain to further encourage your cat to stay hydrated.

The Hydration Benefits Of Wet Cat Food

Better Overall Hydration: Many cats have a low thirst drive and may not drink enough water from their bowls. Offering wet cat food alongside fresh water can help improve their overall hydration since they receive moisture from the food itself. This is particularly useful for cats that are reluctant to drink from still water sources.

Promotes Lean Body Mass: Wet cat food is typically higher in protein than dry food, which supports strong muscles and helps maintain lean body mass. Adequate protein intake is essential for a cat's mobility, immunity, and overall health, especially as they age.

Variety and Palatability: Cats can be picky eaters, and some may get bored with their food if they eat the same thing every day. Wet cat food offers variety and a more appealing texture, encouraging cats to eat and stay hydrated.

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Using A Cat Water Fountain

While wet cat food is an excellent way to boost hydration, you can take it a step further by providing a cat water fountain. Cats are instinctively attracted to fresh, moving water, and a cat water fountain mimics the flowing water sources they may encounter in nature. Here's why a cat water fountain can be beneficial:

Stimulates Drinking: The flowing water in a cat water fountain can entice your cat to drink more often. The sound and movement of the water can be enticing and help overcome their natural aversion to standing water.

Clean and Fresh: A cat water fountain typically comes with a filter that keeps the water clean and free from impurities. Cats prefer clean water, and the filtered water in the fountain will encourage them to drink more frequently.

Encourages Hydration: By providing a cat water fountain alongside wet cat food, you create an optimal environment for your cat to stay hydrated. The combination of fresh water and moisture-rich food ensures your cat's hydration needs are met.

A cat is drinking water from Uahpet cat water fountain
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Conclusion Of Wet food and Water Fountain

In conclusion, adding wet cat food to your cat's diet can indeed help them take in more water, promoting better hydration and overall health. Wet cat food's high moisture content ensures your feline friend stays hydrated, even if they are not enthusiastic about drinking from their water bowls. To further encourage hydration, consider investing in a cat water fountain. The moving water will attract your cat's attention and stimulate their interest in staying hydrated.

Remember, a well-hydrated cat is a happy and healthy cat, so providing both wet food and a cat water fountain is an excellent way to care for your beloved feline companion.

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