The Real Breakthrough in Pet Allergy Relief

How an Air Purifier Saved Lucy's Bond with Her Cat George

Lucy loved her cat, George, a lot, but suffered from severe allergies to pet dander, leading to red, itchy, or swollen skin constant sneezing and watery eyes. She tried many things to feel better, like medicine and special cat shampoo, but nothing worked.

Then, her doctor told her about a special air purifier for pet allergies. She was drawn to its promises of filtering out the very allergens that made her daily life challenging. With a mix of skepticism and hope, she set up the air purifier in her living room, where George spent most of his time. The results were almost too good to be true. Within two weeks of the air purifier humming to life, Lucy noticed a significant decrease in her allergic reactions. The incessant sneezing subsided, her eyes no longer watered uncontrollably, and the irritating itch eased.

The air purifier not only offered her relief from her symptoms but also preserved the bond between her and George. 


What is the coverage area of the air purifier for pet?

Effective for spaces up to 430ft²

What types of pollutants does the air purifier filter?

Our air purifier employs specialized deodorization technology tailored for pet families, efficiently adsorbing ammonia, acetic acid, hydrogen sulfide, trimethylamine, and methyl mercaptan. Additionally, the H13 HEPA filter targets cat allergen Feld1.

Is the air purifier noisy, and what is the noise level in decibels?

Enjoy peace with a low operating sound as quiet as 28dB in sleep mode.

Does it have specific features for pet owners or allergy sufferers?

Ozone-free and equipped with specialized pet deodorization technology, effectively addressing various pet-related odors. The H13 HEPA filter ensures a high filtration rate of up to 99.7% for dust mites and PM2.5, catering to allergy concerns.

What is the Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) for different pollutants?

Achieving a CADR value of 362 cubic meters per hour, our air purifier can purify approximately 15 square meters in just one minute in turbo mode.

Does it come with a warranty, and what does it cover?

Rest assured with our one-year warranty policy, covering specified components.

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