Uahpet GLOW Wireless Cat Water Fountain
A cat is drinking water from Uahpet GLOW pet water fountain
Uahpet GLOW wireless pet water fountain can be placed in everywhere since it is wireless!
Uahpet GLOW wireless pet water fountain has 6 plus 1 fitration system, providing cleaner and more fresh water to cats and dogs.
Uahpet GLOW wireless pet water fountain has 7500mAh large battery, 5 months battery life after 1 charge.
Uahpet GLOW wireless pet water fountain separates water and electricity so that pets can drink more safely.
Uahpet GLOW wireless pet water fountain is super low dB, quiet for any pets.
Uahpet GLOW wireless pet water fountain is super easy to set up.
Uahpet GLOW wireless pet water fountain is super easy to clean.
Uahpet GLOW wireless pet water fountain has 68 oz capacity.
Uahpet GLIOW wireless pet water fountain's certifications.
The box of Uahpet GLOW wireless pet water fountain will have these things in it.
Uahpet GLOW wireless pet water fountain with 6 filters
Uahpet GLOW wireless pet water fountain filters- 6 filters option
Uahpet GLOW wireless pet water fountain with 1 filter option
Uah Pet Cordless Cat Water Fountain With LED Light

Uah Pet Cordless Cat Water Fountain With LED Light

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Option:GLOW & 6*Filters
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  • Battery-operated wireless cat water fountain 😻
  • Industry-leading 7-layer filtration🌿
  • One charge lasts up to 5 months🔋
  • Captivating spout with LED sensing light🪄
  • 10 days without refilling💦
  • Safely split water and electricity🛡️
  • BPA-free. FDA-certified🥼

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Spring Spout with LED Light

Encourage your cat to drink more water.

🐱: That gleaming spout? My bowl's calling!

Battery-Powered. Safer, Cleaner, and Oh-So-Simple!

🐱: "No pesky wires to nibble, making sure I stay out of harm's way."

🐱: "I can sip serenely anywhere, no need to huddle near a plug."

🐱: "No tangled cords to complicate life—our abode stays neat."

6 plus 1 Circulating Filtration System

"That's the freshest sips!"😋

Journey with me through this realm of pristine water. Advanced KDF, quartz sand, coconut charcoal, and the magic of ion exchange—our fountain concocts the freshest elixir. Truly a remedy for a discerning palate like mine, a solace for my devoted human companions!

7500mAh Large Battery

One charge lasts 5 months

With the enhanced 7500mAh battery, making sure I have water play for up to 150 days(with 100 daily activations).

Spacious 68oz Water Tank

Less fill-ups, more sips.

A colossal tank awaits my every thirst. The BPA-free, extra-large tank allows less refills for you. Goodbye to half-full water bowls!

Improved Safety

Completely shockproof.

The water pump is out of the water. The unit, oh so wise, avoids the plug, ensuring my safety in every sip.


Shhh… Can you hear that?

Exactly! The water flows silently along the inside, and the fountain's like a ninja – no noise, just refreshment!

Set Up

Ready in a blink 😉

120-degree Detection

Just walk up, and fresh water flows

A sensor, attuned to my every movement, conjures water at my command. The magic of a microwave radar sensor detects me, gracing me with cool, refreshing water.

Cleaning gets even easier

Keeping things tidy is a breeze with the pawtastic cleaning brush. Plus, the sleek design means no nooks for dirt to hide!

What’s in the box?

GLOW Wireless Cat Water x 1
Magnetic filter x 1
Cleaning brush x 1
Gravity ball filter sponge x 1
Pogo pin magnetic charging cable x 1
User manual x 1


A: To maintain fresh water, please replace the filter every 2 – 4 weeks.

A: Soaking removes any settled particulate matter from the filter.

The fountain is battery-operated, offering safety by eliminating cords. It can be placed anywhere without the need for electrical outlets. A single charge lasts up to 5 months.

Yes. The water fountain is free of lead and BPA and it is compliant with all FDA and RoHS requirements.

Yes, most pet water fountains are designed for pets of all sizes. Ensure the water level is appropriate for smaller pets to comfortably reach.

The fountain operates in near silence, and is almost undetectable.

Find the Right Water Fountain






Stainless Steel

Battery Life

150 days

120 days

130 days

Circulating Filtration System








Ease of Assembly




Detection Accuracy


Pogo pin magnetic



Fountain Spout

Spring spout with ball

Water flow

Water flow

Battery Capacity




Ease of Cleaning




Water Tank

68oz (2L)

68oz (2L)

Stainless Steel 68oz (2L)

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