Things to consider when traveling with your cat

Cats typically dislike changes in their environment, so traveling may cause them extreme anxiety and unease. Therefore, there are several considerations to keep in mind when traveling with a cat.

Before traveling

Building a close bond and trust with your cat.

  1. Give your kitty ample time to adapt and familiarize itself with you and the surrounding environment.
  2. Interact with your kitty, talk to it, and engage in playtime.
  3. Gently pet your baby when it allows and promptly reward it.
  4. Avoid getting upset if your kitty ignores you and refrain from frequently punishing its mischievous behavior.
  5. Express your affection by petting your kitty and giving it more attention.


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Help your cat stay calm and relaxed in the car

Getting your cat accustomed to car rides can be challenging, but with a few tricks, it's possible to have a calm and content passenger. First, let your cat peek outside when you're going out, allowing it to get used to the sensation of being held outside. Secondly, regular nail trims are essential! Even if your cat resists, be determined and gently get the job done. Trimming their nails reduces the risk of scratching you or damaging your car seats/seat belts. So, buckle up and enjoy the ride!


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During the journey

Calming cat emotions

Reduce your cat’s stress in unfamiliar surroundings by bringing along their favorite toys, blankets, and water fountain. You can also leave some of your clothing with them so they can smell your scent and feel more secure.


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Secure a cat harness or leash onto the cat

When using an escape-proof harness, it’s usually necessary to fit it snugly, but initially, don’t tighten it too much. Let your cat gradually adjust first. Cats can make sudden moves, so it’s best to keep them close to you. The shortest length of the leash is usually sufficient. During hiking breaks or in safe environments, you can let your cat explore a bit. It’s a good practice to have them wear the harness and leash.


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Recommend hotels that are pet-friendly

Find pet-friendly hotels that specifically welcome cats and confirm their pet policy ahead of time to avoid any surprises. Check for potential hazards in the hotel room, like open windows, toxic plants, or small spaces where your cat could get stuck. And most importantly, don’t forget to bring the Smart Cat Litter Deodorizer. It’s compact and easy to carry, effectively eliminating nearby odors to improve indoor air quality, ensuring both you and your cat can have a restful night’s sleep.


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After returning home

Treat the cat to a spa day

Since the outdoor environment is typically less clean than home, the first thing to do after bringing your cat back from travel is to ensure thorough cleaning. This helps prevent your cat from bringing parasites home. Therefore, it’s important to clean meticulously upon returning home, using a bubble machine for more effective and thorough cleaning.


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Ensure the cat can relax and recuperate comfortably

After returning home, give your cat some time to gradually readjust to daily life. Provide a quiet space for them to rest and recover comfortably. Patiently observe their behavior and offer extra comfort and attention. Regularly check their health over the next few days after travel. If you notice any abnormalities or ongoing discomfort, consult a vet promptly for evaluation and treatment.


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